Dachan Feed

◎Animal Nutrition Operation ◎ In 1965, the first feed mill of the Dachan Great Wall Group was established in Yongkang; mainly used to produce products for livestock and aquaculture. Next, we established Changhua Feed Mill in 1992, which is well known for its professional piglet production line. And then Pingtung Feed Mill was founded in 1996, serving farmers in Pingtung and Hua-tong, which is distinguished for its high feed-performance, high quality feed products, and express delivery. Later, Tainan Biotech Mill was opening in 2014. Highly-anticipated among agricultural industries and feed manufacturers, it serves customers with state-of-the-art and expansive technology in feed pellet production. Our Changhua, Pingtung, and Liuying sites are all ISO-22000 and HACCP certified, employ advanced biotechnology, and dedicated to feed safety.

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☆ State-of-the-art production ☆ Biotech ☆ EXPANDER ☆WEM4000
☆ Start-to-finish automated monitoring  ☆ High feed-performance
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☆ Biosecurity-Inspection gate
☆ Quality Control of Raw Materials for Feed
☆ Holistic Quality Management