Vertically Integrated Systems


Procure over 5 million tons of soybeans, corn, and wheat annually, DaChan is one of East Asia’s largest commodity users. State-of-the-art production facilities, start-to-finish automated monitoring, and integrated biotech and nutritional ingredients are used to produce high feed-performance, high-quality feed products for broiler chickens, layer hens, ducks, hogs, ruminants, and aquaculture as well as to bolster DaChan as Taiwan’s leading and largest feed-products brand. The group now operates multiple feed plants in China and Vietnam. Highly efficient, vertically integrated systems in place at all DaChan feed production facilities enforce the highest food safety standards, from upstream suppliers through to downstream distribution channels.


DaChan’s vertically integrated operations in Taiwan and China handle the breeding, contract farming, feed consulting, automated slaughter, and final processing of both broiler and ‘aborigine’ chickens, giving consumers added peace of mind when purchasing our poultry meat products. DaChan has recently begun the vertical integration of its meat-duck operations as well.

Vertically Integrated Systems


DaChan operates many company-managed and contract layer farms in Taiwan, all of which run comprehensive, modern facilities and conduct regularly scheduled health checks on chickens. Eggs are professionally washed and sorted, giving consumers and food processors the best quality- and safety-certified brand for eggs and liquid egg products, bar none.


DaChan established the Tongde Hog Farm in Taiwan’s Pingtung County in 2008. Berkshire pigs from Kagoshima were used to create a vertically integrated production system that spans breeding through contract farm rearing. Tongde also launched the world’s first hog toilets to automatically separate solid from liquid wastes, establishing the facility as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly hog farms.


DaChan entered the aquaculture business in 1989 in Indonesia. Eco-shrimp from Tarakan now is highly sought after in Japan and Taiwan. Working to boost its worldwide sales of tiger & Pacific-white prawns and crabs, DaChan runs an aquaculture research center in Taiwan and numerous aquaculture farms in Indonesia and Vietnam, and is currently building a vertically integrated aquaculture-feed plant in Vietnam.


In addition to supplying supermarkets and chain restaurants, DaChan markets and sells its livestock and fisheries products through the An Xin Ciao Chu network in Taiwan and the Sisters’ Kitchen network in China. The group has actively developed an online shopping presence in recent years and now further gives consumers instant access to traceability details on fresh, delicious DaChan products via their mobile phones and computers.

Farm to Table

Farm to Table


DaChan’s roots are in edible oils, andDachan soybean oil has become household name brand.


DaChan has manufactured flour in Taiwan for over fifty years, with its Iron Man and Great Wall brands enjoying strong customer loyalty and satisfaction. DaChan has further infused the respective strengths of China, Japan, and Taiwan in the DaChan Liangyou Food Company, with offices in Shanghai and Tianjin and a flour R&D and training center. Furthermore, DaChan manages a premixed powder facility with Japan’s Showa Sangyo, selling primarily to China-based food plants.

Meat Processing

DaChan uses the freshest ingredients and maintains highest the highest production standards in its processed chicken and pork products, which are primarily sold through catering, leisure, and baking channels. DaChan operates multiple meat processing plants in both Taiwan and China.

Processed Food

DaChan operates processed food plants in Taoyuan in Taiwan and Kunshan and Tianjin in China. In addition to supplying a diverse array of delicious, processed foods to DaChan Great Wall Group restaurants as well as domestic & international chain restaurants and convenience store chains, DaChan processed foods are sold widely under the Yummy Dots classic dishes and Private Cuisine labels. Moreover, DaChan’s diverse offering of family-style frozen meal products have earned a strong consumer following.

Food Service

DaChan develops and manages upmarket food court operations through strategic alliances, working in partnership with internationally renowned Taiwan and Hong Kong F&B brands to open new opportunities in Taiwan and China. A diverse, ever-renewing stream of flavors and styles helps drive market growth and generate wave after wave of culinary fashion.

DaChan’s Great Food Town retail brand delivers comprehensive service, from planning and design through to vendor recruitment and management. Great Food Town outlets are now regular fixtures in shopping malls, department stores, airports, hospital retail areas, and even the Central City all-in-one development complex, with Great Food Town locations spanning Taiwan, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, and Xuzhou.

Dedicated to Food Safety

Dedicated to Food Safety

HolisticQuality Management

Food safety is much more than a mere slogan. It is the foundation of DaChan’s comprehensive traceability system that starts with product procurement and production management procedures and follows all the way through to final product quality inspections. The DaChan Quality Control Center’s state-of-the-art facilities include instruments for liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy and enhanced food safety mechanisms. DaChan further has 5 TAF and CNAS dual-certified laboratories in Taiwan and China and all DaChan factories are both ISO-22000 and HACCP certified.


The DaChan Great Wall Group employs advanced biotechnology pursuing research and development in the areas of breeding, nutrition, ingredients, and vaccines related to the poultry, livestock and aquaculture industries. DaChan further uses advanced biotechnology products to improve the health and yield of its poultry and aquaculture production efforts. More recently, DaChan has begun expanding its efforts aggressively into the realm of human nutrition.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

DaChan has maintained close, symbiotic contractual relationships with farmers across Asia for many years, helping grassroots producers expand markets and raise profitability using modern techniques. Furthermore, DaChan regularly gives back to society, helps protect the environment, participates in local reforestation and environmental efforts, and reaches out to disadvantaged groups.

Supported fully by its close-knit and capable workforce, DaChan has overcome myriad challenges. As part of its social contract and as a way to ensure long-term sustainability, DaChan provides all of its employees with safe and comfortable working environments and access to regular professional knowledge & skills training.