Lu-Yeh Free Range Chicken

  1. As the DaChan-specific breed, the Lu-Yeh Free Range Chicken is pure locally raised characterized by its yellow skin and sweet, tender and juicy meat. It is suitable for all styles of cooking, making it the “marbled chicken” in the free-range range.
  2. Pure raising through contract farming to make the meat breathe.
  3. Complete raising management SOPs and zero beta-adrenergic agonist medications and growth hormones; professional veterinarian and dietician teams enhance chicken immunity and ensure chicken safety and free from residual medications.
  4. Tasty, healthy, and safe, the high-quality Lu-Yeh Free Range Chicken wins the “National Quality Gold Award” and “Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award”

Traceability System of Lu-Yeh Free Range Chicken from DaChan

Traceability System of Lu-Yeh Free Range Chicken from DaChan With the traceability code on the product, you can trace the origin of the Lu-Yeh Free Range Chicken at hand from the traceability system. Based on the “one code for one chicken” principle, the information includes the feed factory, the ranch, the slaughter house, and QC inspection report of the chicken.

  • Famer Owner Data

    You can trace the source farm and farm owner of the white broiler chicken you eat.

  • Feed Information

    In this section, the factory manufacturing the feeds consumed by the chicken is shown for consumers to understand more about DaChan’s feed factories.

  • Electrical Stunning Information

    In this section, you can find out the full data of the slaughterhouse where the chicken is stunned for you to find out more about DaChan’s chicken electric slaughterhouses.

  • QC Documents

    From the QC documents in this section, you can find out the examination results of residual medications white broiler chicken you purchase from the examination records and the pre-stunning check results of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine.


Egg Product Monthly Report

The only domestic egg company that strictly monitors all aspects starting from the feed source. The farms’ feed management and regular quarantine tests ensure healthy chickens lay healthy eggs!